Cap Lining and Wadding Machines

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ALP Trading manufacture cap lining and cap assembly equipment and have supplied many machines into UK customers.

Lining machines are available for pre-cut liner insertion and/or tape cutting and insertion. They can be supplied in multiple up formats and with glueing equipment, centrifugal bowl feeders, bucket elevators and vision inspection systems.

Equipment can also be provided for the assembly of flip top and other style closures and cap closing.

Latest New and Improved Tape Fed Machine – 6,000/hour…

Tape Cutting and Inserting into Metal Closures with Vision System.


Tape Cutting and Inserting Machine 5,500 pieces per hour.

Pre-cut Liner Wadding Machine 12,000 pieces per hour.

Pick and Place 1 up liner inserting machine 1,200 per hour.


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