Conduction Sealing Machines

Ballerstaedt manufacture a range of sealing equipment from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic machines. Fully automatic filling and sealing machines are also available with outputs up to 3,600 containers per hour.

A comprehensive after sales back up service is available with help and assistance on new format requirements.

Our laboratory can seal sample containers and pressure test and then forward to you for evaluation. Foil samples are also available for your own product compatibility trials.


Polymat HD III

Hand Held Manual Conduction Sealer.

Data sheet for Polymat HD III

Polynette III
Economical manual sealing machine for plastic containers.

  • Variable Height Adjustment
  •  Temperature Control
  •  Approximately 400 containers per hour
  •  270 x 350 x 690 mm (WxDxH)

Data sheet for Polynette III

Polyseal VarioTwin
Semi-automatic foil application and sealing machine

  • Vacuum Suction for Foil Seal
  •  Variable Height Adjustment
  •  Sealing Time Adjustment
  •  500 – 700 containers per hour
  •  800 x 540 x 920 mm (WxDxH)

Data sheet for PolySeal Vario Twin

PolyCos PN
Semi-automatic sealing machine

  • High Contact Pressure for Sealing Glass Jars
  •  Sealing Time Adjustment
  •  300 – 500 containers per hour
  •  220 x 455 x 385 mm (WxDxH)

PolyCos PN | semi-automatic sealing device Data sheet for PolyCos PN

BaCo 1800
Fully-automatic Foil Application and Sealing Machine 30 cpm

Data sheet for BaCo 1800

BaCo 2400

Fully-automatic Foil Application and Sealing Machine 40 cpm

Data sheet for BaCo 2400

BaCo 1800 XXL

For Extra Large Containers 30 cpm

Data sheet for BaCo 1800 XXL

BaCo 1800 with Induction Sealing Head