Case Studies

Rollason Packaging Ltd – Press Release – Ayurveda Pura

Technical help gets Ayurveda Pura into productionap

The South London supplier of Ayurveda products (ancient Indian holistic healthcare) were looking for a solution to their leaking containers of Chyawanprash Jam and turned to Rollason Packaging for assistance. Following extensive foil selection and sealing trials, Ayurveda Pura placed their first order for pre-cut foil seals.

The seals were delivered to their factory in India to commence the packing operation but ran into sealing issues on the line. Rollason Packaging provided assistance by telephone, e-mail and diagnosed the most likely cause of the problem. A subsequent video call was made with the operators on the production line and the cause was confirmed in the video link up. Changes were then made as per the recommendations from Rollason Packaging and the very next container sealed perfectly.

Rollason Packaging Ltd offer a wide range of sealing material including induction foil, conduction foil and film laminates. Digital printing of the material is available with lower minimum order quantities than traditional printing methods and with no additional costs for cylinders or plates.

For further information contact Paul Rollason or call 07531 296 263.