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Rollason Packaging offer induction and conduction foil as well as other lining material, sealing machines, closure lining equipment and induction sealing equipment. We are the official agent for Ballerstaedt conduction products, ALP Trading closure assembly and lining equipment and Relco induction cap sealers.

Paul Rollason

I have over 27 years experience in the induction and conduction sealing industry having worked for two major manufacturers of sealing equipment and one major producer of foil seals.

I have a competent knowledge of induction cap sealing and direct induction sealing and have many connections within allied industries.

These contacts include those in the filling, closure, container and contract packing industries.This allows me to give a complete service to customers.

My ‘skillset’ includes induction machine set up, correct machine selection, correct foil seal selection, fault finding and a general overview of the requirements needed to create a successfully sealed package.

I have experience in all industries including the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, bio-diagnostic and food and beverage industries. I have given presentations on foil sealing to various customers from R&D meetings to onsite equipment training.

Prior to working in the foil sealing industry I worked in the Radio Frequency/High Frequency plastic welding industry. I have over 10 years experience including manufacturing welded product, selling RF welding equipment and selling flexible plastic material.